Personalized Cardazoids

By popular demand, I'm finally offering this service. Now you can have any card in the entire 'Zoid collection personalized for you (Option A - $3.25), OR, you can have me make you a 'Zoid from 'scratch' (Option B - $6.25). With either option, you can include your name as well as the name of your recipient. If you're sending a card as a one-time occasion (such as a birthday card), you would probably want to include the recipient's name. BUT, if it's a card for a wider-use occasion (such as a holiday, like Christmas), it would behoove you to just have YOUR name in the animation, so you could send the same card to more than one recipient. In other words, for $3.25, you can have any card in the entire 'Zoid collection personalized with your name and you could send that card to an unlimited amount of recipients for that one price of $3.25!

If you choose Option B, $6.25, - a 'Zoid made for you from 'scratch' - you will need to tell me what you would like the card to say, what kind of graphic you want, and what kind of music you want. If the song of your choice is available in midi form, I will find it for you and include it. If it's not available, I'll contact you and ask for alternate choices.

When your 'Zoid is ready, I will contact you (hopefully within a day or two) and give you the url to your 'Zoid. If you're satisfied with it, let me know and I will give you a special Cardazoid address. From this address, you will be able to send your 'Zoid to as many recipients as you desire, for 3 weeks, beginning with the date I give you the address to your special room . If you are not satisfied with the 'Zoid, let me know and I will work with you to make it what you want. Please note - I won't do sexually explicit 'Zoids, or anything that's in extreme bad taste in my opinion. (Which leaves you a lot of leeway).

Click here for an example of what your Personal Showroom will look like!

If you would like this service, please fill out the form below, following all instructions. You will be paying with an on-line check, using i-Check's dedicated secure servers. Don't be afraid.

First name
Last name
Choose Service
Option A - $3.25
(pick a card from the existing 'Zoid collection)
Option B - $6.25
(you tell me what you want)
For Option A -
Name of Card
(found under image)
Category it appears in
For Option B -
(eg: birthday, holiday,
"just because," etc.)
Personalizing Information -
Your Name
(as you want it to appear in the card)
Special Message
(eg: "I love you," "Love," etc.)
Recipient's Name
(any midi on entire site
or choose your own -
if it exists in midi form I will get it for you)