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Brad Deppazoids ~ Set 1|
Set 2

Astrology cards ~ Set 1: Aries,
Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo
Set 2: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Hyropiazoids ~
Hyropian Astrology~ Ancient mysteries revealed!! Only at the 'Zoid!

Set 1: AVAILABLE NOW! : Foreskin - (corresponds to Aries and so on - see Astrazoids, above, for sign order if you're not sure ), Supreme Beans, Frosted Fairy, Black Snow, Deluded Dandelion, Wincing Yam

The Teamster, Inverted Bat, Burping Grunion, Dung Beetle, Cracked Marble, Passive Pelican *

The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Evokazoids ~
"Just Because" cards
(romance, friendship, etc.)
Set 1| Set 2

Specifazoids ~
Cards for a particular occasion
Set 1: Birthday, Anniversary, etc. -
Set 2: Who Loves Ya Baby Birthday, more birthday, get well, James Bond birthday (featuring Robert Downey Jr.)

Spoofazoids ~
Satirical takes on people, movies, products, etc.
Set 1 - Mae West ... Peckervillee..&and much more!
Set 2 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Evan Rachel Wood Film Preview Psychic Slots The Graduate 2......Set 3 - The Twilight Saga...Mary Engelbreit, The Dark Side .and much more! ..Set 4 - Getchusom Fragrance pour homme Escape From Jeopardy 1 and 2 ...Daniel Day-Lewis Film Preview....Craig Ferguson Book and Numbing Attractions! Set 5 Scandal Preview 1!

'Rickazoids ~ Decided my Limericks deserved their own card-a-gory!...S Set 1 - Mel Gibson Clay Aiken Britney Michael Richards Paris Hilton Tiger Woods . Set 2 - Gordon Ramsay Ricky Martin !

Suspishazoids ~ It's all in the eyes with these guys

Postcardazoids ~ Remember these from Postcard Month?

Celebrazoids ~
Cards featuring Celebrities (but not spoofs - see Spoofazoids for those)

Movie-Related ~
Set 1| Set 2 |
Set 3

Music-Related ~
Set 1 |
Set 2 |Set 3

Celebrity Suspishazoids~
- Set 1 |Set 2 |Set 3

Observazoids ~ Valentine's Day!


Morton-Nortonazoids ~ matches made in rhyme time Set 1 Samantha Morton/Edward Norton, Rosie O'Donnell/Parker Posey, Kevin Bacon/Clay Aiken, Paula Deen/Charlie Sheen,Chelsea Handler/Adam Sandler

Abstractazoids ~
So I aint Picasso but I can
Set 1
Set 2 - Optical Illusions!

My animated salute to
R. Crumb!
Set 1 |Set 2

Anime Characters ~ Set 1
Video Game Characters ~
Including (semi-) Nude Lara! Set 1

Family Guy Starring Stewie Griffin ~ Set 1

cards featuring animals
Set 1 |Set 2

Who is Where? Find celebs featured on the site

* You've probably figured out by now (ten years later) that Set 2 is never coming; this was, of course, a joke.



Important Messages from Your Fearless Leader -~-

Please do not use quotation marks in your card message because it will cut the message off and be received incomplete.Also, when picking up a card, make sure you don't have a space on the left or you will get an 'invalid card number' message. Waahh.

And note that you can preview any one of the cards with the music of your choice - just type some letters (they don't have to be emails) in the 4 address fields and pick PREVIEW. Then use the 'back' button to preview another card (or the same card with different music) before you decide what to send.Plus, I've just added a "Who is Where?" room, so you can see where a particular celebrity is featured on the site, if you're looking for someone in particular.

- Robby








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